Pleased to Meet You

My name is Kay Keenan, and I am a holistic therapist, offering massage, and Reiki, in Cumbria. I trained with Nicky Forbes to Reiki level II, and with Despina Psarra in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to level 4, and continue to build on those strong foundations.



Please look over my booking page for fees. I hope my pages on AYM and Reiki answer your Q's, but do not hesitate to get in touch (you can't know 'till you know).



I've worked through various roles in my life, studying art and design, as a college student, then supporting vulnerable adults in supported living settings, to caring for customers and patrons at the Theatre by the Lake, and developing my professionalism, and flair for baking, and cooking, at Cockermouth's Merienda. A lifelong preoccupation with self-improvement lead to the beginning of my Reiki journey in 2018, with Nicky Forbes.



It's with a sense of the importance of connection (to nature, within community, and to one's essential self) that I've come to develop my skills within the field of holistic health. 



After receiving my second level Reiki attunements, and training, with Nicky Forbes, I completed my level four training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina Psarra and began practicing in 2019. This process, and the holistic bodywork, and energy healing I've received from these masterful practitioners, and from Richard Whiting of Lakes Shiatsu, has truly transformed my life. I take great pleasure in assisting my clients in their own healing journeys. I continue to build upon the foundations of my learning and training, and endeavour to adequately extole and emphasise the importance of the holistic approach in the therapeutic setting.



I enjoy writing poetry and fiction, and making music (there are links to my WordPress and SoundCloud sites at the bottom of this page).