When, Where + How Much?

I currently travel to my clients, within Cumbria. If you are happy to have therapy in your own home, I believe it aids integration. I am, however, looking into suitable spaces for hire, as I understand preferences vary, and I could then offer shorter sessions. Please let me know of your interest. 


Please look over my fees, but keep in mind that I'm able to offer generous concessions, in order to maintain affordability. I believe everyone can benefit from these therapies. I reccomend an initial 20 minute consultation and combined therapies. Thank you for checking out my site. Please don't hesitate to approach me with your queries, check out my contacts page, or call or text me on 07763772463. I look forward to hearing from you ~ Kay ~


Combined: £50/hr
Reiki 60 mins £50
Reiki 45 mins £40
Reiki 30 mins £30
AYM      2hrs £100
AYM  90 mins £80
AYM  60 mins £60
AYM  45 mins £50