Why Combine?


For combined treatments we would discuss your personal needs, and prefered outcomes. A client might want to remain fully clothed, and recieve Reiki, but could also benefit from some stretches, and breathwork, as well as a head and face massage, or hand, or foot massage. Alternatively, a client may require some remedial massage, but also benefit from recieving Reiki for a portion of their session, and find that the benefits of the massage are greatly increased. Either way, whether choosing combined, Reiki, or AYM, it's important that your personal needs and preferences drive the session. This is part of the holistic approach. In Reiki we learn about our energy fields, or bodies, that make up our physical self, as well as many other aspects of the self, and I believe that it is when these energy bodies are aligned, and harmonious that healing really occurs. It's my belief that good therapy can lead towards healing, and integration of a person's emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health, and can lead to feelings of freedom.This is why I use the words Full Body Freedom.